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Ben stokes and Virat Kohli two greatest player on their team involved in a fuming exchange before the umpire’s interfere

In the first season of the first day of India vs England  4th test Virat Kohli and Ben Stokes involves in a verbal exchange. They both are some of the best players on their team. The way this series is going this incident must have happened. The English players can’t hold their emotions and get involved with a furious exchange with Indian captain Virat Kohli.

After the third test between India vs England, there was so much debate for the pitch between the English and Australian legendary players. The main reason behind this debate is India’s ten-wicket win over England which was an end in just two days due to a spin pitch. So this type of hot verbal exchange happened in the Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad.

Description about the Incident

Just after the 13th over when England was 3 down with just 32 runs, and the main player of their team Joe Root already goes back to the pavilion. So England’s batsman are in a bad position and in that time Kohli walked up to Stokes and said something to support Indian fast bowler Mohammad Siraj, who had just a normal verbal exchange with Stokes, but the proper reason still not found.

At one stage Kohli opened his goggles and became more aggressive with Ben Stokes, but at that time Umpair Virender Sharma and Nitin Menon reached their and try to stop their conversation. It was good to see that this thing was not going too much and stops there. But Virat Kohli’s reaction was clearly saying that he was not happy with it.

Game situation

If you see the results of the game then India is too much ahead. The Gujrati guy Axar Patel while playing in his home ground takes the wickets of the openers and sends them back to the pavilion, and the main wicket of the England team the superclass batsman Joe Root was sent back by Mohammad Siraj, and England were 32 for 3. At the time of writing this report, England was 116 for 4 with Stokes on 51 and pope on 13.

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