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Apple CEO Tim Cook reveals iPhone 11 sales are off to a ‘very strong start’

Last updated on March 23, 2020

We have already reported about the latest iPhones that have been launched by Apple recently. These iPhones are in the latest iPhone 11 series from Apple where there is an iPhone 11 model whereas there are two iPhone 11 Pro models. However, it was already anticipated that the iPhone 11 models will do very well because of the reduced prices as well as Apple’s marketing strategy and reputation in the global markets.

Also, analysts were reporting that sales of Apple’s iPhone 11 have been very good and the demand is much higher than expected. One analyst also revealed that Apple has increased the production of its iPhone 11 thanks to stronger-than-expected demand for the latest devices.

However, we were yet to hear anything on that aspect from Apple. But now Apple CEO Tim Cook has said something that will please a lot of investors having Apple stocks. Because the CEO has said that the iPhone 11 sales have gone off to a ‘very strong start’ and he adds that (I) “could not be happier” in an interview given to German newspaper Bild.

He also added that “We always try to keep our prices as low as possible, and fortunately we were able to lower the price of the iPhone this year,” regarding the cutting of prices for its iPhone 11 model compared to last year’s iPhone Xr. Regarding the launch of Apple TV+ and what the competition thinks about it, he says “I do not think the competition is afraid of us, the video sector works differently: It’s not about whether Netflix wins and we lose, or if we win and they lose. Many people use multiple services, and we are now trying to become one of them,”.

He also adds that “No reasonable person would ever call Apple a monopoly,” suggesting that Apple faces a strong competition in every market.

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