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Amazon Riddles Quiz Answers Revealed, Win Rs 15,000

Amazon Riddles Quiz, Amazon Quiz Answers Today, Amazon Riddles Quiz: Amazon daily comes with a quiz with the name of “Quiz Time” where people need to answer the five interesting questions by watching the official Riddles video and win exciting prizes.

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Amazon Riddles Quiz Answers

Q1: I Have A Head And Tail, But No Body. What Am I?

A: A Coin

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Q2: What Three Letter Word Can Prefix The Following Words To Make Three New Words? Ache, Nest And Drum.

A: Ear

Q3: Which Of These Words Can Not Be Formed Using The First Line Of Letters On Your Computer Keyboard?

A: Keyboard

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Q4: It’s Red, Blue, Purple And Green, No One Can Reach It Not Even The Queen. What Is It?

A: A Rainbow

Q5: What Starts With ‘P’ End With ‘E’ And Has A Million Letters In It?

A: Post Office

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