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Amazon Quiz 23 August 2020 Answers: Play and Win Samsung Galaxy A31

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amazon quiz 23 august

Amazon Quiz 23rd August 2020 Answers

Q1: ‘Youth Engagement for Global Action’ was the 2020 theme for which observance on 12th August?
A1: International Youth Day

Q2: The recently released book ‘Connecting, Communicating, Changing’ chronicles whose 3rd year in office?

A2: Venkaiah Naidu

Q3: Collin Morikawa recently became the first person since Keegan Bradley to win which tournament in his first appearance in the event?

A3: PGA Championship

Q4: Which famous CEO born on August 19th in Hyderabad is one of the authors of the book ‘Hit Refresh’?

A4: Satya Nadella

Q5: The poet Rahat Qureshi who recently passed away, was known by a name which reflected the city in which he was born. Which city was it?

A5: Indore

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