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Amazon Quiz 20 April 2020 Answers Revealed, Win Rs 50,000

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Amazon Quiz 20th April 2020 Answers

Q1: ‘Finding the gaps’ is a part memoir, part self help book written by which personality known for his accurate decision making?

A: Simon Taufel

Q2: Whose book ‘The Anarchy’ recounts the remarkable history of the East India Company from its founding in 1599 to 1803?

A: William Dalrymple

Q3: More than 70% of this country lies in Asia. Most of its population, its capital, and its largest city are in Europe. Which country is this?

A: Russia

Q4: Famous for another role, which leader born on 3rd December was India’s Minister for Food & Agriculture from August 1947- April 1952?

A: Rajendra Prasad

Q5: ‘Mind Master: Winning Lessons from a Champion’s Life’ is a book by which famous Indian?

A: Viswanathan Anand

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