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Amazon Quiz 17 March 2020 Answers, GoPro Hero 8

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Amazon Quiz 17 March 2020 Answers

Question 1: Which Of These Is A Platform From Google’s Jigsaw Technology Incubator Used To Spot Fake And Doctored Images?
Answer: Assembler

Question 2: Which Of These Company’s Newest Venture Is Princess-Inspired Bridal Wear?
Answer: Disney

Question 3: Which Of These Teams Recently Beat Karnataka In The Semis To Reach Their First Ranji Trophy Final Since The 2006/07 Season?
Answer: Bengal

Question 4: Which Is The First Commercial Space Tourism Company To Go Public?
Answer: Virgin Galactic

Question 5: The Mortal Remains Of Guruvayur Padmanabhan Was Recently Consigned To Flames In Ernakulam District On March 1st. What Animal Is It?
Answer: Elephant

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