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Amazon Quiz 13 October 2019: Answer these Five Questions to Win Samsung Galaxy A50

Amazon app quiz 13 October 2019 is live now. Amazon daily comes with an quiz with the name of “Quiz Time” where people need to answer the five interesting questions to win exciting prizes.

Today’s amazon quiz winner will get Samsung Galaxy A50 only if users answer all the listed questions correctly. If any single answer is wrong then he/she will be disqualified.

In case if you don’t know about the amazon quiz then don’t worry, the amazon quiz 13 October 2019 started at 8 AM and will continue till 12 PM. Where users need to answer five questions that are based on the latest trends and general knowledge.

So what are you waiting for, just try your luck out and these five questions will help you to win Samsung Galaxy A50.

Question 1:  It Is The First Feature-Length Motion Picture With Not Only A Synchronized Recorded Music Score But Also Lip-Synchronous Singing And Speech In Several Isolated Sequences. Which Movie Is Being Talked About Here?

Answer: The Jazz Singer

Question 2: Who Was The First Person To Win An Individual Medal At The Olympics, Representing Independent India?

Answer: K. D. Jadhav

Question 3: Which Movie Won The Oscar For Best Film In 2018?

Answer: The Shape Of Water

Question 4: What Does AR In AR Rahman’s Name Stand For?

Answer: Allah Rakha

Question 5: The East India Company Came To India In 1600s, But Established Control Only In _____ After The Battle Of Plassey When It Took Over The Province Of Bengal. Fill In The Blanks.

Answer: 1757

The winner of today’s quiz will be announced at the end of the month via SMS/Email and it will be selected via lucky draw.

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