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Amazon Quiz 12 April 2020 Answers Revealed, Win One Plus 7T Pro

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Amazon Quiz 12th April 2020 Answer

Q1: Dubai has recently opened the world’s first hospital for which of the following?

A: Camels

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Q2: What is the name of the first indigenous testing kit for COVID-19 in India, made by Pune based Mylab?

A: PathoDetect

Q3: The Singer Laren museum in Amsterdam recently announced the theft of the 1884 painting ‘Spring Garden’ by which famous artist?

A: Van GoghShortcode

Q4: Viewpoint is a new market research app launched by which global tech giant?

A: Facebook

Q5: Which Indian state celebrates ‘Utkal Divas’ – the state’s foundation day on April 1?

A: Odisha

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