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Amazon Green Earth Quiz Answers Revealed, Winner will get Rs.20000

Amazon green earth quiz winner will win Rs.20000 only if users answer all the listed questions correctly. If any single answer is wrong then he/she will be disqualified.

So what are you waiting for, just try your luck out and these five questions will help you to win Rs. 20000.

Amazon Green Earth Quiz Answers Revealed

Question 1: Where Does The Majority Of Plastic Waste End Up?

Answer: Oceans

Question 2: By When Has Amazon India Committed To Eliminate Single Use Plastic From All Their Packaging?

Answer: 2020

Question 3: How Many Million Tons Of Plastic Are Dumped In Our Oceans Every Year?

Answer: 8 Million Tons

Question 4: Amazon India Has Taken Major Efforts In Reducing The Use Of Single Use Plastic. Currently What Percentage Of The Packaging In Amazon India Fulfillment Centers Is Single Use Plastic?

Answer: 7%

Question 5: Amazon Has A Vision To Make All Amazon Shipments Net Zero Carbon, With 50% Of All Shipments Net Zero Carbon By 2030. What Is The Name Given To This Initiative?

Answer: Shipment Zero

The winner of today’s quiz will be announced at the end of the month via SMS/Email and it will be selected via lucky draw.

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