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Amarinder Singh the Chief Minister of Punjab, writes to BCCI for not selecting Mohali as a host of IPL 2021

Chosen venues of Indian premier league and the reason behind it

This year the Indian premier league will be held only in six venues. They are Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru. The main reason behind this selection is the global pandemic and also the reason of travelling. If the IPL will held in the all venues like previous years then the players have to travel everyday after the match and that will be a major problem in this situation.

Announcement of IPL schedule

On Sunday, 7th March BCCI announced the schedule of this Indian premier league, 2021. Here you can easily see that none of the team will play in their home ground. This decision is taken because if the IPL will held on the mentioned six venues only then all teams will not get the home advantage. But just the Punjab Chief Minister is not happy with this decision of BCCI.

Problem of Punjab’s Chief Minister Amarinder Singh

Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh said that the have already written to BCCI that they are ready to take all the precautions of safety, players will be keep very safe with our infrastructure. He also said “if they can have a match in Mumbai, which has had 9,000 cases per day, then what’s wrong with Mohali”.

Answer of BCCI to Amarinder Singh

After seeing all this questions BCCI give a answer to the Chief Minister of Punjab Amarinder Singh, that the reason behind not choosing Mohali as a host of IPL, is not Corona. It is the farmer’s protest. BCCI said that they don’t want if the IPL match was going there and farmers came there to protest and creating a serious problem among all. There will be so many foreign Players so it will attract the foreign medias also. We don’t want to make any bad situation and any global issues regarding IPL.

After announcing the schedule of Indian premier league of 2021, you can see that it will start from 9th April and will end at 30th may, where all the semi final and final matches will be held on Ahmedabad. So be ready to support your team from wherever you are.

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