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According to the reports India will play more T20 series against New Zealand and South Africa just before the T20 world cup

Recent performance of team India against England in T20 series

Presently India is playing a T20 series against England in home condition, and also in the back position after losing 2 matches in the first 3, though there are still 2 matches left in the series, if India can manage to win both the match then India will win the series.

Only batsman Virat Kohli is showing his performance, and all the batsman is struggling to score, and the Indian bowlers also who is not showing good performance in the ongoing T20 series. So overall with this not satisfactory performance by the whole India team BCCI wants to have more T20 matches in home condition against New Zealand and South Africa.

What will happen after this T20 series?

After the T20 series against England all the players will be busy to play Indian Premier League from 9th April. So Indian team will not get the chance to play together against any other team before world cup. That’s why Board of control for Cricket in India decides to play more T20 series against South Africa and New Zealand.

Till now no T20 series before T20 World Cup

For now it is not confirmed that surely India will play more T20 series against any other team. But BCCI wants to keep this team in a motion of T20 format matches, just before the world cup begins. For now it was not surely confirmed by the BCCI.

After the ongoing T20 series, all the players will play IPL. And then the Indian team will go to England to play the test championship final against the New Zealand team. And at the same time, another Indian team will play the Asia cup tournament with another team. But there are no other T20 matches for team India so BCCI wants that this team should play more T20 series before T20 World Cup.

Last year when South Africa came to play T20 matches against India then all the matches were abandoned due to the pandemic COVID-19. Maybe the ongoing T20 series will be played for this reason, but nothing is confirmed till now. According to the reports if the T20 series happened before T20 World Cup then these two T20 series against New Zealand and South Africa will be played in home condition, because the world cup will also be played in India, so team India wants to be in full form before starting the T20 World Cup.

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